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   Luxe Pools Around the  Tri-Cities

Enjoy these inspiring images of our work

Fireside Project
Shape: Olympia 14
Color: Sapphire Blue G2
Tile: Titanium 2x1
Add Ons: LED lighting, Custom tile, Auto-Cover, Fire Pit, Retaining Wall

Modern Farmhouse Project
Shape: Barcelona
Spa: Royal
Color: Sapphire Blue G2
Tile: Turquoise 1x1
Add Ons: Spa, Fountain, LED lighting, Custom tile, Auto-Cover, Architectural design for addition designed by Luxe Pools

Party Pool Project

Shape: Corinthian 16
Spa: Royal
Color: Ocean Blue G2
Add Ons: Spa, LED lighting, Custom tile, Auto-Cover, Retaining Wall

Modern Resort
Shape: Delray
Spa: Shasta
Color: Granite (now discontinued)
We recommend "Shale Gray" for a more blue/green water color or "Coastal Bronze" to lean more towards green/blue. See 
Tile: Rainforest Lavender 1 x 1
Add Ons: Fountain, LED lighting, Custom tile, Auto-Cover

Garden Cocktail Project

Aruba Modern Freeform
Color:Sapphire Blue G2
Add-Ons: Custom tile, LED lighting, Fountain, Auto-Cover, Hand rail