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About Us

Luxe Pools was established in 2017 with the vision of bringing luxurious pools to the Tri-Cities that are low-maintenance, with turn-key pricing.  We specialize in the installation of fiberglass pools and spas. We are a                         dealer for the Tri-Cities in Eastern Washington.


A branch of                                 , Luxe Pools was born from the idea that there are unutilized ways to get the most from geothermal heating and cooling technology. We have always been passionate about saving homeowners money on energy, while also living comfortably and we feel that a pool and/or spa enhances life lived in the Tri-Cities. Fiberglass is low-maintenance, beautiful, and lifetime guaranteed, fulfilling all of our criteria and completing the package for luxurious, low-maintenance management of temperature inside and out. 

Every pool installed by Luxe Pools carries a 3-year mechanical guarantee

From the design process, to installation, to equipping your pool with the latest technology to make maintenance as easy as possible, we make your backyard oasis dream a seamless reality.