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Luxe Pools' GeoSpa, simply, is a pool or spa that is heated using the homeowner's geothermal HVAC unit. While we also install standard heating units for our pools and spas, the GeoSpa is our specialty, and the reason we became so passionate about pools and spas. 


How it Works

Your geothermal heat pump exchanges the hot air in your home with the cool temperature from the ground in the summer months to cool your home, but where does that heat go? It could go into more hot showers and baths in those hot months, or it could be used to heat your pool and/or spa for almost nothing. It can also be used to extend your swimming season for another 1 to 2 months, making a Luxe GeoSpa even more cost effective. 

Visit us at                                        to learn more about our geothermal HVAC branch.


Energy Efficient  Tranquility 

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